The WISS Kids
Wookie is a 3 year old Shelty-Shepherd.
Indy is an 11 year old Minature Dauschund.
Shadow is a 3 year old Lab-Terrior Mix.
Shotsee is a 14 year old Rat-Terrior.
These ages are as of September, 2010.
The  WISS  Kids
There were 5 WISSS Kids

Shortstop and Sparkplug are now in heaven.  
Indy came into the family at 
age 5.  Shadow and Wookie are buddies.
As you can see Shadow laying on Wookie's head when she was a puppy.
The best dogs in the world are found at
the pound ... stop by and pick up a dog.
They will love you for life.
Nancy & the WISS Kids
On the back porch with Indy and Shotsee on the table.
Shadow at my feet and Wookie loves the camera.
Our Vet: 
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